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The winter season is no doubt cold but the air carries fewer vapours during winter. During this season you feel your skin dry and itchy due to dry weather. Some nutritionists suggest that everyone should drink plenty of water to avoid dryness but only drinking water is not enough. Everyo9ne should adopt some other beauty tips to make the skin glowing and fresh during harsh season of winter. We are now presenting our skin care tips which will help you to remove dryness from your skin.

5 Beauty Care Tips For All Types Of Skin

5 Beauty Care Tips For All Types Of Skin

1.   Excessive moisturizing of your skin

Everyone tries his best to maintain his skin freshness and glow. During summer season, cold creams are water based creams are used which fulfill the water deficiency during summer as there is hot and while going in the sunshine we face sweat which is the main cause of shortage of water in our body. This type of cream helps to provide water to your skin and save your skin to become dry. On the other side, during winter season, we face the dryness of weather. So we need oil based cream or lotions or ointment which save our skin from becoming dry. The oil based creams makes a protective layer on your skin to prevent moisture escape. It is better to select mineral oil including almond, avocado or butter or shea oil which will make your skin greasy and oily and do not let your skin dry.

2.         Treat Your Skin Gently during Winter

You feel your skin dry and itchy during winter because of the cold and harsh winds which make your skin dry. Your hands, face and feet are badly affected as they are exposed to the harsh weather which are badly faced cold weather. You should use cleansing milk or such type of materials which contain oil based cream or lotion which prevent your skin to lose water from the skin so that your hands, face and feet can be mild and look beautiful.

3.         Less Exposure of Skin

As you know that winter season is dry and cold and the wind carries fewer vapours which makes the winter season harsh. All such elements make the skin dry and itchy and it badly affects on the skin. Everybody should use protecting attires including scarf, gloves and warm clothes so that they can save their bodies to the harsh weather of winter. Avoid sunscreen on hand and face which save you from the sun which can burn your skin as there is less water in your body and wind is also dry.

4.         Do not Take Hot Baths

As we drink less quantity of water during winter because we do not feel thirsty. There is less quantity of water in our body and while we take bath with hot water which also make our body dry. The two sides affects on the body tells upon the skin which become more and more dry. The gentle warm water save our body from becoming dry and we should not take long time to take bath. After taking bath we should use mineral oil on our body which will remove dryness from the body. You should add a little bit of soda in the mild hot water which will save you from itchiness and in this way you can be safe from dryness.

5.         Use Healthy Diet which is Auxiliary for providing energy and nutrients in winter

First of all you should change your eating habits and take care of your food which is essential to make up your deficiency of all nutrients. Add green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. Apples, sweet grapes, oranges and juicy berries are essential to provide water to your body and skin and stay your skin healthy and fresh. You should also drink plenty of water like 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. The use of enough water helps you in excreting of toxins and wastes from the body which will make your skin healthy and glowing.

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