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Missoni is the leading brand to launch new fragrance in the market. It is Italian brand, which has already displayed the knitwear in different colors and have the abstract patterns. This fashion brand is working with others after making the partnerships like Euroitalia and give simple name of Missoni.

Missoni Launches New Fragrance

Missoni Launches New Fragrance


This brand has already signed an agreement or deal with Max factor for preparation of various scents and it also dealt with Estee Lauder Cos, which is on the fragrance line of Missoni and it also exhibited the Mediterranean scent, Acqua in 2007.

The creative director of Missioni, Angela Missoni said that she had the confidence to create the professionalism of Euroitalia and she made the partnership with others to set up his own cooperation and start the creative work in the brand. She is of the view that scent is liked by most of the women and they like to use it to get the femininity. She has started her new fragrance and she chose the simp0licity for Missoni to get the style and daily routine. She is very confident about her women as they live outside the preconceived schemes and conventions.

She said that she wanted to make such fragrance, which can be good for sensual and exuberant women. She also adds that women are confident and they use this fragrance as the dress slips over their body to enhance their attraction and vitality. Giovanni Sgariboldi, the president of Euroitalia said that the distribution of the new scent can be started in Italy from mid of November, then it will be shown at Harrod’s London from 22 November. It will also be distributed to other countries of the world during the second half of 2016.

The brand was working on the development of the new fragrance and it has transferred the most of the DNA of the brand, its identity and clear elegance, with sophistication and its taste. He also said that he was satisfied with the finished bottle, which is made by prismatic glass, which can show the rich and decent color. When you make beautiful in innovative style, it will be looked good in your hands. The oval shaped falcon is topped with cap, which is wrapped in golden collar, which show the fabric thread.

Missoni Launches New Fragrance

Missoni Launches New Fragrance


The brand has made this bottle by taking the inspiration by passion of Venetian blown glass and they can get the essence of the brand. She said that this unique style of bottle has different shades of green, purple and fuchsia, which are combined to create the contemporary, soft and precious color and it is wonderful style to look at.

The scent is available in different packing like 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml and their rates are also varying. This perfume is now provided to about 5000 houses across the world. Sgariboldi is now going to launch the new product, which are fit for every market. This scent is best for every market as it can grab customers because it is prepared with new concept and the fragrance has the tremendous value.

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