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Eyeglasses are important for protection of eyes but nowadays they are also used as fashion accessory by both men and women.

Fashion shows are organized by big sunglasses fashion brands including Ray Ban, Karen Walker, Gucci and others to promote their new and stylish sunglasses designs for both men and women. As a result, they achieved fame all over the world.

But it’s not possible to get expensive high end sunglasses from these companies due to which copies of these famous sunglasses are prepared by local companies which are available at low prices. But these cheap copies of sunglasses are of low quality. As compared to their quality, these sunglasses will prove quite expensive. Therefore, it’s important to know about the places from where we can get high quality sunglasses with affordable price.

Sunglasses for the Summer Season

Sunglasses for the Summer Season


Summer Sunglasses Trends 2016

Before moving towards outlets, it’s better to start with trends of sunglasses prevailing for the season of summer 2016.

Few designs of previous year seem timeless which are expected to remain in the trend for this year also. Few of these designs are over-sized frames, aviators and wayfarers. But apart from them, there are also few styles of the current year. These designs are very fantastic and amusing while few of them are making a comeback from past.

Few of the most famous styles of sunglasses for summer/ spring season 2016 are provided here for the readers of both the genders male and female. Number 1 in our list is ‘brown lined gradient sunglasses’. You can see that famous celebrities from all over the world are using these sunglasses under sunshine. From Hollywood star Kit Harington to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, celebrities all over the world can be seen using these sunglasses. These classic sunglasses make a formal and casual look. Women with triangle shaped face should especially use these sunglasses as these sunglasses focus on upper face and you get a soft feature on lower part of the face. Both men and women can get a trendy look by wearing these sunglasses in the summer season.

‘Cat eye framed sunglasses’ are the 2nd in our list. You can easily change your look by using these cat eye sunglasses. In this summer season, these sunglasses of 70s era will surely suit most of the women. You can make your look more fascinating by adding few modern features in these sunglasses. Few of the modern cat eye sunglasses style include oversized frames, angular silhouettes and jeweled embellished. The cheekbones of omen with oval face are highlighted with the use of oversized frames cat eye sunglasses that really polish their look and style.

‘Double wired rim sunglasses’ are also in our list. These sunglasses have stylish design and comfortable grip which makes them ideal for everyday use. You will find these glasses light, airy and arranged. There is a double wired bridge over the frame while lenses of these glasses are aviator like. The lenses could be square shaped or round. Square shaped faces look really admiring by using these sunglasses.

Another new feature of the current year is the colored frame sunglasses. You can make the year 2016 different from 2015 by using the new colored frame lenses. This is the most important feature of the year where you can use colorful frames from bold fluorescent blues to gold and glittering. Like Gwen Stefani, you can wear a yellow framed cat eye glasses or Naomi Watts’ bright blue ones. You can wear pink glasses like Rihanna or having neutral ones like those of J Lawrence. All these colors will really suite during this summer season.

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