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By jawad

The sunglasses have their own attraction and they can enhance the personality of the people. People need to use attractive sunglasses to find the right one to enhance the beauty and sharp the face. The glass wearers like to wear the several pairs in different flattering styles and the expensive glasses are prepared with good and fine quality materials.

5 Signs You’re Wearing Wrong Glasses for Your Face

5 Signs You’re Wearing Wrong Glasses for Your Face

1.      Contrast

People should choose the glasses with the shape of their face and contrast to your choice frame. The contrast is the key to choose the right shape and it will be the opposite of your face shape. If the person has the more angular face, then they will get glasses opposite to their curved shapes. If their face is round then they should check the square shaped frame. If you have darker skin tone, then they should choose the lighter brown or tortoise frame.

2.      Proportion

People should buy the frame, which is in proportion with the rest of the face. They need to get little bit larger for having great coverage. They need to look good as the sunglasses will not look necessarily good in optical and the frame should fit right on the outside of the cheekbones.

3.      Color

The sunglass wearers should choose the best color, which can complement their features. The glasses that contrast the tone of your face and hair, they will look more beautiful and they need to have much statement they want their glasses to make. Their skin tone will guide the factor to determine the frame that best for them.

Wrong Glasses for Your Face

Wrong Glasses for Your Face

4.      Face Shape

People should know about their face shape. They should have good idea of the frame, which they consider best for them. As the face shapes are different so they should check such style of sunglasses, which can enhance their look and personality. The people having the oval shaped face, they can try almost all frames. The round shaped faces can opt for rectangular frame and the square shaped faces can try with angular frames.

5.      Your Personality

The sunglass wearers should know that the frames they wear, they will show their personality. If they are bolder or serious person, they can check the pair of thicker or bold frames. They can also choose two pairs of sunglasses, the one they wear during the workweek, when they need sunglass seriously to carry out their work. Some people like to wear the sunglasses to show off their fun and the relaxing side.


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